Our Blue Planet – A tiny bubble of life in the vastness of space

Our Blue Planet – A tiny bubble of life in the vastness of space

An Amazing Kaleidoscope of Destinations, Sights, Sounds, Colors, History, Mysteries and Experiences!

The relentless urge within me to perceive and be conscious of our beautiful world…

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Much of us live our lives following monotonous routines from dawn to dusk. The only aberrations to unwind vary from extended digital indulgences to delights gained from seeking materialistic pleasures.

Living in the national capital region of Delhi, the everyday is full of the same smoky and polluted environs, over crowded roads and scores of people on the move every where and every time. Seen from space on the dark side, the city appears as a huge blob of bright lights, a rare treat to the human eye and so beautiful and serene. But on the ground it feels all concrete, busy busy, overcrowded and noisy. The city is home to more than a million people each active in creating livelihood for sustenance.

Delhi at night from space

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Living in this city for the last 20 years has given me a very predisposed mechanical view of the world.  There is an increasing sense of bewilderment, raised by questions of life, its unknown fears and its anxieties of the future.

There is an ever increasing urge within me to travel across the globe, experience its delights, to feel, experience and assimilate our ever changing living planet and to get some idea of its various ethos and exciting stories and of our journey into time as we move into the future. And a feeling, which has almost now become a belief and an urgent passion to set out on this exploratory experience with a sense that it will help me in finding inner peace and joy and an answer to my being and its reality.

I haven’t been an frequent and adventurous traveler, having taken few escapades to destinations convenient, with the most intrepid exceptions being travel to Goa or a road trip through the Himachal Himalaya.

Where do I make a start?  Logically it would be by reading and researching on these destinations before journeying to some of them, whenever and where ever possible. But at least the first steps would have been taken.

And lets do this with a difference looking from a different angle with a focus on bygone stories and experiences, events and historical facts built into the essence of these destinations, unknown realms and uncharted territories that drive our beliefs and perceptions and of-course exploring the mysteries of natural creation and the awe they create.

So lets embark on this exciting  journey to experience our world…

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